About the Museum

The museum is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation that is dedicated to an accurate portrayal of the War for Southern Independence. The museum was founded and is owned by Camp 36, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Greenville, SC.

Museum Mission

The mission of the 16th Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, Museum of Confederate History, is to protect, preserve and defend the memory, history and heritage of the two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) gallant Confederate soldiers who gave their lives during the War Between the States. In fact the Museum will honor all those who served the cause of the Confederate States of America. Foremost is the duty to provide a true and accurate historical perspective of the War period in an educational manner and to preserve the cultural heritage and artifacts of the South. Central to this mission of education is the development and maintenance of an extensive research library in conjunction with the Museum. This library will be available without cost to the public for genealogical research as well as research on the War and related issues. The Museum Board of Directors welcomes all who search for the TRUTH.

Museum and Library of Confederate History Board of Directors 

Chairman: Terry Rude
Director: Mike Couch
Curator: Webster Jones
Barton Cox
Scott Goodwin
Steve Harris
Greg Harrison
John Madden
Rossie Meadows
Mike Morgan
Mark Poag
Mark Roberts
David Wright

Adjunct Board Members

Recording Secretary - Holly Sheen
Accountant - Barbara McConnell, CPA

Contact members of the Board of Directors through the Museum at 864-421-9039 or email at confedmuseum@att.net